Portland Video Production Techniques for Weddings

Weddings are one of those things where you would often expect the unexpected. It is almost as if the organizers are anticipating that something will go wrong. Anything can happen at any time. It is best to be prepared for it.

Somehow everything happens lighting fast with virtually no retakes or repeats for a Portland videographer. He or she should have a multi-camera setup in place to guarantee a secure coverage of all important events and ceremonies. If an annoying neighbor gets in the way during footage, no problem. All you need to do when incorporating Portland video production techniques is to switch your view to camera 2, and you are done.

Making use of a multi-camera setup ensures that the wedding event gets covered from multiple angles, allowing greater freedom when it comes to the editing stage. A 3-camera configuration will take care of different types of events. When you have to contend with complex spaces, then you may require 8 to 9 cameras.

A professional videographer in Portland would scout the wedding location beforehand to ensure the best multi-camera placement. They would score bonus points with the wedding couple by planning camera placements accordingly.

The Use of Aerial Shots and Wide-Angles

Modern videographers may take future technology one step further by offering a different perspective by shooting an event from above. Using a drone would give a fresh vantage point in that the actual venue can be viewed from a bird’s eye point of view.

The production specialist’s ultimate goal when shooting a cinematic wedding video is to ensure nothing is left to chance and every conceivable angle is covered. Because of this, they would use wide-angle lenses to achieve a couple of filler shots. Doing so will provide the deep canvas and allow viewers of the DVD an incredible sense of the place. Imagine getting to appreciate the whole wedding venue in one single sweeping shot.

Why Filters are a Novum Visuals Video Production Services Best Friend

It is for good reason that filters exist. Unlike what some may think, the onset of post-production software does not make filters obsolete in any way. When it comes to covering a bright and sunny wedding venue, having a graduated neutral density filter at hand will save the day.

Then there are polarizing filters that bring about pure, beautiful colors as well as skin textures. These also awesomely renders the blue skies. No doubt, expert videographer companies in Portland like Novum Visuals make sure they carry the most common filters with them at all times.

How Cut-away Shots Bring About an Unusual Twist

One thing that can be said about cut-away shots is that they have a way of taking viewers on a different locality to what is actually happening during the video footage session. Take a shot of a lovely flower that sways in the wind while guests raise a toast. Something like this would bring back more than just memories to both the bride and her groom when they look back.

A reliable video production company such as Novum Visuals is always on the lookout for an unusual and exciting occurrence such as candid moments that will shed a different perspective and forever be remembered.

Shooting Awe-inspiring Video

To a videographer, both the in and out of focus areas are essential and can make a great video. One would call this facet of shooting video footage – Bokeh!

The right equipment such as a telephoto lens that is combined with a small minimum aperture can create a beautiful bokeh that is awe-inspiring. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn hanging candles and lights that are situated in the background into a blurry, soft pattern? It is so much easier to make your wedding video footage great looking when the right photographic equipment is being used.

Videographers Need the Right Profile

Making use of the proper profile is often ignored, but it turns out to be the most important aspect that contributes to creating excellent cinematic wedding videos. Cameras allow a seasoned videographer to shoot in a variety of profiles such as Flat, S-Log, Neutral, Cinestyle, Standard, V-log, and so forth.

Expert videographers would play around with various profile settings, depending on the make of camera they are using. Doing so will lend them quite a lot of freedom during the color grading stage of the post-production.

Watch out for brides, your expert Portland wedding videographer is about to make your wedding a momentous and unforgettable occasion.