Making the Right Choices When Choosing Muzzle Brakes for Your Firearm

When you need a muzzle brake for your rifle, one of the first things you’ll need to do is choose the right style and design that will match your requirements.

Secondly, you need to decide on either a clamp-on or threaded brake. Based on various researches, it appears that many shooters had bad luck when using clamp-on muzzle brakes or silencers. Somehow, these sail downrange unexpectedly. However, MadHouse Design’s brakes are a step or two ahead of the typical muzzle suppressors. In a big way, it is because they will customize or configure the brake to match the barrel size of your firearm. Having a snug fit means there are fewer chances of the brake shooting itself off.

Thirdly, you need to select the right materials for which there are three standard choices in the form of 416 stainless steel, 7075 aircraft aluminum, and high carbon steel. In most cases, stainless steel proves to be a viable option.

Then again, MadHouse Design offers the very user-friendly Triple-Port Muzzle Brake that is super easy to install. All you need to do is make use of the Combo Tool, then thread and tighten the brake by hand as far as possible before you utilize the adjustable wrench to tighten the brake to the desired level. Another unique feature of the triple port brake is the solid bottom surface which makes it so much easier to tighten up the brakes. It is advisable to make use of a soft cloth between the wrench and brake to help preserve the overall finish of the brake you’re installing.

Muzzle Brake Drilling Exercises to Test Accuracy

One shooter headed out to the desert to check if there would be any changes in the accuracy levels of his shooting endeavors using a fitted muzzle brake within a 50-yard radius. Fortunately, there were not noticeable changes concerning accuracy and point of impact once the Triple-Port Muzzle Brake was installed.

Besides testing the brake for accuracy when taking a shot, one also needs to gain a feel for the recoil reduction. To pull this off, it’s best to engage in at least a 10 round string of fire as fast as you can while ensuring you maintain control at the same time. Surprisingly, the reduced recoil achieved through using the Triple Port make by MadHouse Design proved to be satisfactory. Also, the person doing the testing was able to shave off an incredible .60 seconds of his time with the brake installed. Even though some may think it is not all that great, it can be a big difference when involved in a competition, using it with a defensive application, or when hunting.

The significant recoil reduction would allow a shooter who possesses a solid technique to experience almost no muzzle climb. In turn, shooters who demonstrate a less intensive bracing stance will also experience a huge advantage from the reduced buck off their rifles. One unique feature of the muzzle brakes designed by MadHouse Design would be the extra ports as it minimizes the concussive blast felt by fellow shooters who stand to the side.

It must also be noted that the triple port brakes were rumored to possess some flash suppressive qualities. In general, one would experience a small flash that is relative to a muzzle that was not modified in any way. Apparently, the brakes by MadHouse Design generated less flash than other brakes as it proves to be controlled enough and does not result in any blinding during low light shooting.

Overall, many a gunman or woman is very pleased with the performance of the Triple Port range. Not only is it well designed and machined, but it has a superior finish. Whether or not it is truly worth your while when out on the shooting range is for each person to decide. However, given the repertoire that people give, the MadHouse brakes are reasonable priced, of good quality, and worthy of testing out.

If you’re a recreational shooter, hunter, or competitor whose success depend on one hundred percent of rapid follow-up shots, then you should try out the Triple-Port Muzzle Brakes by MadHouse Design. It could very well be the finest muzzle brake you decided to give a try.